A2 web hosting reviews and price

The company A2 Hosting exists since 2001. When he appeared on the scene, he was known as Iniquinet. It was later renamed A2 Hosting in 2003 as a tribute to the founding hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan.The company has data centers in three locations, with the main data center in Michigan and additional servers in Amsterdam and Singapore,Since 2013, I use the A2 hosting platform under bluehost coupon code A2 Prime (former shared hosting plan, similar to Swift’s current plan).

I spent most of my time trying out the A2 Hosting Shared Hosting Plans.

It offers three options for shared hosting in the form of Lite, Swift and Turbo. Like many hosting companies, it focuses on unlimited opportunities with their common plans. Rates range from US $ 3.92 to US $ 9.31 per month and all have unlimited storage and transfer, as well as free SSD. In addition, the Swift and Turbo plans include unlimited websites and databases.
Security is a big concern in web hosting. You want your site to be as secure as possible, and A2 Hosting provides an extra level of security with Patchman. Patchman is a free security program available if you have a shared hosting account.

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Shared account

Patchman (introduced August 2015) detects outdated software; Quarantine infected files and security self-diagnosis in WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. This can prevent your website from being hacked.


Whatever account you use, you can integrate it into Joomla, Drupal or WordPress. It’s also easy to integrate simple cart applications to create a commercial website.
Based on my experience and the server test report, this page will tell you exactly what A2 Hosting has to offer.
Although all of this sounds good on paper, you probably want to know how it really works in the real world. In this spirit, I did a speed test on my test page with Bitcatcha (incredible tool: check). The test site, hosted on A2 Hosting, connects from 8 different sites and then compares to another 10 million results (more on how the test will work later).

As you can see below, the bluehost promo test page did an A in the speed test, which is extremely impressive for shared hosting which costs $ 3.92 / month. If you compare other web servers in the same price range, most will come with a “B” or less (example here and here).