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Destiny 2 is in a slightly better place than when the strange Curse of Osiris was launched at the end of last year, but that does not mean that Warmind can break free. This second expansion is another effort by a team concerned about missing ideas. Like Osiris, Warmind marks another weak disappointment for Bungie’s shooter.

Bungie’s shooter.

These “smaller” Destiny extensions do not seem to work, at least not at $ 20 per person. They did not work for the original destiny and they do not work for Destiny 2, and they always seem to have problems.
The content of the cool story in Warmind may not exist. It only pushes the general narrative forward and proposes an action that ends in a deliberately vague note, as if the authors did not want to commit to something too important. Eliminated history combines a series of decidedly sweet missions, but at least there are good boss battles along the way.

As always, there is little bragging in Warmind, but the rest feels so uninspired. This new version of Mars, with its ice-covered sand dunes, is an attractive backdrop, but it’s filled with the same old enemies we’ new Ps4 games ve already thrown into our heads.

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There is a point near the beginning of the campaign where his ghost comments on the “new” enemy type of expansion: the frozen swarm. “I’ve never seen Hive like that before,” Nolan-bot says, despite the fact that, apart from a few new figures, bigger knights with shields! – The frozen hive behaves exactly like a normal hive. It’s almost a travesty.
But we are a bit cynical here. As we say, Warmind has bright spots, we just wish there were more. The new strikes are all solid additions to the cooperative play list, although the history campaign rejects them shamefully. In the same way, the new weapons and some exotic ones that we captured have amused and, as always, it is easy to appreciate the artistic team of the game, thanks to enchanting sights.

As expected, Warmind ensures in all areas, but there is a new addition that seems like an acceptable step. Climbing is a type of Horde mode that can be activated when you explore the surface of Mars. All nearby best ps4 games players can participate while defending waves of hives while fulfilling basic goals. It’s pretty easy on paper, and practice it well. The following waves can be a real challenge, and with more than six players participating in the butcher shop, he always feels very hectic and exciting. Of course, it remains to be seen if there will be an escalation.