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Are you planning an investment that you do not have the resources for? Do you need help not only with securing it, but also with how much and under what conditions to borrow? Do not hesitate to contact our company because we will provide you with a long-term loan under the best conditions, always safely and very quickly. You will get our loan for up to 20 years. The fixed interest rate is a matter of course for us, but what is most important to you is its amount, which varies between 12-18% pa. What matters to you is the amount of your loan.

Long-term loan – explanation

Long-term loan - explanation

A long-term loan can be provided by banks or non-bank institutions , with the client usually repaying the loan for several years. The most frequently reported period is 4 years or more. It follows that a frequent long-term loan is a mortgage loan. Furthermore, this category includes business loans, where the client borrows considerable funds for establishing or supporting his business. In addition, our company can provide a long-term loan inefficiently, which means a huge advantage for you. Who would not want a loan, in which they do not have to prove what the funds will be used for?

Types of long-term loans

Types of long-term loans

  • Mortgage loan

Mortgage credit is one of the most common loans that can be used by all people. It is inherently clear that it is a loan secured by a mortgage. This loan can be used to:

  • Buying Property
  • Securing housing
  • Renting an apartment or property

In the Czech Republic, the principle of the so-called American mortgage is less frequently used , ie the provision of real estate as a guarantee for a non-purpose loan. However, on a global scale, we see that many clients are using this type of funding.

Mortgage Payment Options:

  • Annuity installments

The amount of the installment does not change over time when the interest rate is matched. Only the ratio between interest payment and principal is changed. For the client, this method of repayment is very advantageous mainly because the client can set his / her financial budget so that he / she is always able to pay the exact amount.

  • Degressive installments

Degressive repayments reflect the client’s wishes, which may, for example, choose higher repayments at the beginning of repayment of long-term loans , up to double the annuity payments, logically reducing the amount to be paid to the customer at the end of the repayment, thereby increasing the funds available for his own use.

  • Progressive installments

In the case of progressive installments , the client initially agrees with the bank or non-bank institution on the amount of the loan, which is increased by a fixed coefficient during the repayment period (usually after one year). This coefficient is agreed upon when the contract is signed and the client is informed of it in order to avoid problems with non-payment of individual increasing installments.

  • Loans repaid by irregular amount

A very interesting option, which however requires a higher level of responsibility for clients. The client chooses the amount of the individual installments, which can be freely changed during the repayment. The repayment period, and hence the number of installments, is crucial. In this case, each debtor should consider his options and install the installments in such a way as not to jeopardize his investment, for example in housing.

Whether you want to arrange a loan with annuity or another installment, you will have to contact banks or non-banking institutions in the Czech Republic. It is very common to arrange a loan by a broker or financial advisor, who should always inform you that the loan is intended for both natural and legal persons, but you will always secure it with a mortgage. Most often, clients use the financed property as collateral, but it is also possible to stop another object.

  • Business Loan

In addition to long-term mortgage loans, banks and non-bank institutions also offer loans to entrepreneurs. These loans bring in the basic rules that can not be forgotten:

  • Reg
  • Acquired Entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic

Without these conditions, one will not reach a business loan . However, if it fulfills the conditions, it can apply for investment and operating loans.

  • Investment Loan – The purpose of this loan is to expand business. For entrepreneurs, this means the ability to buy machinery and technology or to build or renovate a property. These interest rates have a longer interest rate, most often from fifteen to thirty years, plus their interest rate is very low.
  • Operating Loan – enables you to pre-finance, for example, the necessary material or goods for sale or the production operation itself. Its advantage is ineffectiveness, which is manifested mainly in the fact that banks do not want to know the purpose of the loan and often do not require property liability.

A specialty of business loans can be a loan with a European Investment Fund (EIF) guarantee, which is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises with a maximum of 250 employees and an annual turnover of up to 1.3 billion crowns. These companies can use the EIF-guaranteed loan. The amount of this loan is not fixed, and banks or non-bank institutions set it separately.

  • Consumer loans

The category of long-term loans can also include those with a longer repayment period. This type of credit is one of the loans to individuals and non-entrepreneurs. Their amount is set by agreement between the bank and the client and the repayment period can be more than five years, ie the long-term loan parameter. Higher interest rates are often set for consumer loans, but our company still holds interest rates at a very low level.

Will we provide you with a long-term loan?


We are behind the theory and we believe that we have convinced you that a long-term loan is the right choice for you. If so, then believe that there are rules for granting a long-term loan that we respect and you are achieving. We will always want basic information after a potential client to help us determine its solvency, creditworthiness, and the ability to meet its obligations and repay the loan. This is collectively called the client’s creditworthiness , which determines, among other things, the interest rate. There is an indirect proportionality, ie the higher the creditworthiness of the client, the lower (better) the interest rate.

Everything is the best with us

Everything is the best with us

The long – term non – bank loan provided by our company is simply amazing. We want to ensure the security of our client and also the speed of credit processing. We provide a long-term loan for twenty years, which means a maximum of 240 monthly installments for you. Because your peace of mind is essential for us, our long-term loans are provided with a fixed interest rate, which we set according to the client’s creditworthiness from 12 to 18% pa. All the above mentioned parameters of long-term loan provision by our company are for you our potential clients a great opportunity to obtain the necessary financial means for housing or realization of business plans.

For long-term loans, we prefer annuity monthly payments , which we almost always negotiate with clients. For you, this means that you will be refunding the same amount to our company throughout the repayment period. Only the ratio can be changed, which is not very important for you, because you will pay both interest and principal every month. And because we trust you and want to be closer to you, we offer the possibility of early repayment of the loan, without interest.

When to consider a long-term loan?


You’ve probably come to the idea that you want to borrow many times. But you missed the question: ” When is it best to choose a long-term loan? “Our company can answer and always respect your situation. Let’s take a look at the five that you should fulfill in order to meet your long-term loan application.

  • The regularity of your monthly earnings – without them, you cannot really think about a long-term loan, you have to understand that responsibility and commitment is huge. That is why we will require an overview of your income and expenses so that we can best advise you on the amount of long-term loan.
  • If you need immediate access to the funds provided – we will provide you with funds immediately. If you comply with all the rules we set, we will provide you with funds without undue delay.
  • If you require immediate credit processing – yes, speed is essential for us, so if you need funds right away, then contact us, we are right, because your satisfaction decides and we understand that the investment will not wait for you.
  • If you are looking for a non-bank loan with the option of early repayment
  • If you own a property to secure a loan

What will we find and assess?

What will we find and assess?

Your creditworthiness is important to your long-term loan , which means we will examine your overall financial situation. You have to take this step because it can bring you great benefits, especially in the interest rate. The credit will help us to determine your solvency and credibility – (see above), which will help us estimate your ability to repay the loan.

There is no need for fear in our society, we are very solid and fair. In addition, our client is the team whose wishes we always try to fill. If you need to make a long-term loan , then we are the clear choice for you because our service and conditions are the best. Do not hesitate to come and consult us, we have prepared for you funds, with which you will not hinder the acquisition of an apartment or starting a profitable business.